Road Sidekick App - Car Mode Dashcam

Main Screen: Where you have access to the primary functions such as: Phone, SMS, Music, Navigation, Email, Apps, Settings and Voice Commands..
There are 6 buttons that can be programmed to launch up to 6 of your favorite apps.

Road Sidekick, Car home app for android, dashboard computer software app

To switch between Day Theme and Night Theme, just long-click on the CLOCK or use the voice command CHANGE THEME.
The time can be switched between 12 Hour or 24 Hour formats by simply tapping on it.

Road Sidekick App for Android your Car Dashboard app

The APPS screens can be programmed with up to 32 app shortcuts (swipe to change pages). Long-clicking will allow you to edit or remove shortcuts.
Tapping an already programmed button will launch such application.

Road Sidekick Android App for your car, dashcam car mode app

When adding applications, this window will appear for you to select the desired application.

Road Sidekick Settings

The SETTINGS screen allows you to set up Keeping screen On as well as setting Car Mode when the app starts.

Road Sidekick Extras

The EXTRAS screen contains access to features such as DASH CAM, SPEEDOMETER and CLOCK.

Road Sidekick App - Dash cam feature, car mode recording

Recording a video using the DASH CAM will save the video to the Gallery, by default, the file name will be the date and time, however, you can change it to whatever name you like.
Tapping on the Play button will show a list of all the videos recorded (if any).

Speedometer mode, Road Sidekick app for android

The SPEEDOMETER screen will show the speed, altitude and bearing.
To change units (Imperial to Metric and vice versa) just tap on the Units title.

The CLOCK will display a digital clock, to change the format (12 or 24 hours) just tap on it.

Road Sidekick Voice commands, car mode phone voice activated app

The BUILT IN voice commands are a set of pre-defined commands (cannot be changed) and the CUSTOM commands are the ones defined by the user (there's no limit to the number of custom voice commands that can be created).

Road Sidekick Programmable voice commands

Tap on the BUILT IN button to display the list of all the pre-defined voice commands, by tapping on the individual items, a window will pop up showing a sample of usage.

Tap on the CUSTOM button to display the list of all the user created voice commands, by tapping on the individual items, a window will pop up showing a sample of usage, long-click if you want to delete it.

To create a CUSTOM VOICE COMMAND tap on the ADD button and then define your command and select the app to be launched.

Road Sidekick App

Setup your Home Address to quickly get directions (this feature works only with Google Navigation). To use it say the command GO HOME.

Road Sidekick App Voice command screen

Tapping on the COMMAND button will allow you to speak any of the built-in or custom voice commands.
Note: For optimal performance, the voice commands require a good internet connection (3G, 4G or Wifi).

If Road Sidekick is installed on a WIFI ONLY device you MUST tether it to a hotspot in order to use features that require internet access such as GPS navigation, email, voice commands or any app that also requires access to the internet.

You are responsible for supplying a hotspot and any of the charges that might incur.